Although the company was founded on April 1’st 2016; Xecutive Kicks has been a part of Toronto’s growing sneaker community for the past 10 years!

Xecutive Kicks takes pride in gaining access to many exclusive sneakers that aren’t easy to find on the market. We grab all our shoe’s deadstock and have them ready for our clients upon order. Our shoes are 100% authentic. We aim to become a lead online shoe retail outlet in the industry by providing a rich consumer experience online.

We want to ensure you continuously shop with us. Our brands currently involve primary Nike, Jordan & Adidas, but we aim to improve that as the brand gets bigger. For clothing, be sure to look at out counter-part

We are also known for being the first one to have the Keymaster in Canada and offering the most sought-after sneakers that may come in either limited quantities or exclusive to one city in the world. It is our goal to continuously provide Canada with outstanding customer service and a sneaker experience second to none.